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Maintenance Windows and Open Problems

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dear All,

What will happen when the maintenance windows duration is finished and there is still an open problem.

  • If the problem detection and alerting configured as "Detect problems but don't alert".
  • If the problem detection and alerting configured as "Disable problem detection during maintenance".




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Under "Detect problems but don't alert" - the problem would stay open until resolved.

Under "Disable problem detection during maintenance" - the problem would open after crossing the applicable threshold after the maintenance window is finished.


Refer to your alerting profiles to see how long the threshold needs to be crossed for the problem to open (for example, a delay of 3 minutes on an availability rule would require the threshold to be crossed for 3 minutes straight in order for the problem to be opened)

@paul_ingle in the situation "Under "Detect problems but don't alert" - the problem would stay open until resolved.", would the alert that was not sent during the window be sent once the window finishes?

DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

Calling for DT Professional Help!!!!!


This question has come up many times and the ambiguity of the Dynatrace documentation ( has been the result of countless Support tickets.


Could someone from DT explain, once and for all, how Dynatrace handles the transitional states for all 3 options, in extremely detail. Then, please update the on-line documentation with it. 


Getting the support answer of "DT is working as intended" but without the details of understanding exactly what "as intended" is causing lots of confusion.   I need enough information and details so that I, as a client, can clearly predict Dynatrace's environmental responses and not have to try and make sense of them after the fact.

Jason Shuff - Yale University
I might be tough on Dynatrace but I believe in the product.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro