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Maintenance Windows - defying common understanding.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

At our Organization we have standardized Maintenance Windows, this way its all uniform and traceable via the office request to mute Monitored entities. 

Just the other day an engineer asked me for assistance with a Maintenance Window that wasn't applying to the host:


So the Logic the Engineer used was: 

1 - Target the Host Groups

2 - Target the Host Groups of the Management Zone FO*****NT

But the hosts didn't get the Maintenance Windows. 

Which led me to inquire about the filter preview/synopsis (3) which states "Filter by Host Group FO*****NT". The preview is erroneous since the Host Group is actually blank, and the MZ is the actual value shown. But I'm not sure why there isn't a clear segment as to what the filter apples to.  I would have expected "Host Group _ in Management Zone FO*****NT."

I'm also surprised that (1) is looking at entity types... Host Groups isn't an entity type, don't get me wrong I get the need for a HG segment to grab all of those values. but maybe thats best in a different segment, say "Entity Type = Hosts" and then Entity filtered on Host Group = <NAME>" I get it, but maybe it's in the wrong spot that doesn't follow the typical Dynatrace verbiage/logic. 

I'm also curious as to why the logic failed... it seemed to not like having the Host Group being Empty even if it was selected above in the overall Entity Segment (1).


Just some thoughts, we got it to work because ultimately we wanted to suppress everything in that given MZ, so we just put in the MZ filter. 



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

this issue seems to have been corrected in the current version.


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