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Orphan compute instances create shutdown problems

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We are running our applications on AWS. The EC2 instances running these apps, as part of the regular restart, become orphan in the Dynatrace because AWS creates new instances every time we restart the app. These orphan instances create shutdown problems in Dynatrace UI and have to be manually closed because they are not going to be back ever. How to stop creating problems like these?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @skanchalwar,

I've asked our public cloud team about this topic, and this is what I've got so far:

"Public cloud monitoring creates some events/problems for AWS instances, it's done on AG by EventEngine, and configured in Settings > Anomaly detection > AWS. But from what we have there, I think we only detect restart sequences for RDS - so those problems on EC2 restarts/shutdowns wouldn't be something from us.

But I see some config for "host shutdowns" in Settings > Anomaly detecion > Hosts, so maybe it's also configurable separately per host/hostGroup"

I'm posting this, as maybe this could help you already a little bit - but if I'll get from another team a more precise and better answer, I'll post it here as soon as possible. 

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