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Test Alerting in Dynatrace SaaS

Hi All,

is there a way to reproduce and test alerting in Dynatrace SaaS? During Service Acceptance we have to perform a necessary "smoke testing" of deployed monitoring & alerting. We tried to simulate different scenarios on monitored host but Dynatrace SaaS didn't fire an alert at all.

Can you provide a guide how we can test different scenarios because AI module identifies our attempts?

Thanks in advance,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

That very much depends on what kind of situation you want to test. If its a simple CPU spike, its just necessary to use more than 95% CPU over 3 minutes and you get a problem opened.

For service baselining its at lest necessary to run the service for more than 5hours with continous load above 10 requests/min. You can also reduce that amount by changing the service anomaly detection config.

Best greetings,


Testing is more related to Service Availability (stopped / crashed of different services).



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