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What does "Automatically" in the view of "Anomaly detection for infrastructure" mean?



When I tried to configure anomaly detection for Infrastructure, I found that setting items have two alternatives, that is, they are "automatically" and "based on custom settings".

The latter is easy to understand for me because this just means I can configure thresholds for infrastructure monitoring manually.

About the former, it is difficult for me because this "Automatically" seems to different than what I expected.

Here, I recognize "Automatically" as "automatically defining baselines".

However, according to the page below, the term "Automatically" in the view of "Anomaly detection for infrastructure" seems different from it.

I think this page says that automated baselining is not available for infrastructure monitoring and only static threshold is available.

On the other hand, when I go to "Anomaly detection for applications" view, I can choose "automatically" as the automated baselining option for applications.

Then what does "Automatically" in the view of "Anomaly detection for infrastructure" mean?

Does this mean that build-in static thresholds are used in the setting of infrastructure thresholds?

If my understanding is correct, it feels a little strange for me because the similar term has a different meaning in a similar view.


Kohei Saito


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Automatic in infrastructure monitoring means that the Dynatrace system decides about the default threshold, while automatic in service and application monitoring means correctly to use multidimensional baseline to detect anomalies.

Overall the meaning is always that 'automatic' allows the Dynatrace system to adapt its thresholds and baselines, while user define threshold means that the user overrides the default system thresholds.


Hi @Wolfgang B.,

OK, I see.

What "Automatic" in dynatrace seems different from what I recognized, and in fact, it means "automatic decision for thresholds and baselining".


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