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Azure Status Incidents in Dynatrace


Hi all,

one of our customers has the requirement to send Azure Service Health alerts to Dynatrace. Main use case was for them to have Azure status incidents (, in Dynatrace as there was one network outage last year that affected all hosts but was not shown as a root cause in Dynatrace.

We tried to implement the webhook integration using this guide here: However, this did not suit their needs as there's no possibility to define the severity by ourselves. Eg. if it is Azure severity "Informational" it will just create a custom annotation but the customer wants to have some of these as a problem in Dynatrace. 

Did anybody have a similar use case before and managed to implement this without building a custom integration with a script for example? Also, are there any plans on further developing the webhook integration to add some more customization?

Thanks already for your input on this topic!

Best regards,



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