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Can Dynatrace SaaS to monitor MongoDB instances of MLAB hosted on Azure?

Hi all,

I'm working in a POC and the customer has 3 instances of MongoDB purchased direct from MLAB and hosted on azure.

We can see in dynatrace demo environment this kind of monitoring working for MLAB and Cloud Foundry.

Is it possible for azure? If Yes, is It needed to involve MLABs team?

Thanks in advance




Hello Reginaldo,

It should be as simple as getting the OneAgent on the Azure VMs that you are using to run Mongo DB. Once the agent is there, it should auto-detect the mongo db process that is running there and start reporting metrics. For information on how to instrument the Azure instance with the OneAgent see here:


David Nicholls

Additionally it looks like MongoDB drivers 2.x and 3.x are supported so if you have a OneAgent installed on the hosts that are calling MongoDB you should be able to see these and monitor the performance as calls to an external service which can be very helpful.

Customer is telling me he has no access to VMs allocated in azure by mlab to provide mongoDB instances purchased direct from mlab.

Is there a right way to ask this to mlab?