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Is it possible to set the non auto-detected host name programatically?


Dynatrace has 2 names that can be associated with a host, the first is the auto-detected name, and the second is the edited host name. Can this edited host-name be set in advance by a DT_ variable? And how can this be done in Azure?

Using Dynatrace agent version 1.119


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

For Amazon EC2 instances, the "name"-tag is used if defined.

For Microsoft Azure, it seems this is not currently possible.

These attributes need to be defined before the agent is installed.

Hi @Dominik the email I received you mentioned that the host-group option could be used, but this didn't appear to be an option displayed in the -h option shown. Is this available? And is it available for both Linux and Windows agents?

Yes, it seems to be missing from the installer-help, you can pass a parameter HOST_GROUP which will define the name of the host-group that the host will be part of.


@Dominik S. We've tested the HOST_GROUP option and it meets our requirements, thank you.

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