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Can some help me with steps on how to build a unbreakable CICD pipeline with Azure Devops?


I am trying to build an automatic self healing CICD pipeline on Azure devops with Dynatrace integration. .

Previously there was an extension(Dynatrace unbreakable pipeline) in Azure marketplace and currently it is not available. Can we get some guidance on how to implement this pipleine ?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. The Unbreakable Azure DevOps Pipeline would be something you implement using Keptn. Keptn provides automated Quality Gates which you can call from Azure DevOps. We do have a couple of examples and customers who are using it. I suggest you sign up for our Keptn slack and send the question in the #help channel. We can then connect you with others who have already done the implementation:

@andreas_grabner Hi Andi,

Do we have any other process or do i need to go through keptn only. As you post was almost 3:5years back so just wanted to understand if there is any other way to get it done apart from Keptn.



Dynatrace Professional Certified

Hi. You are right. How time flies.

To implement intelligent quality gates and automated release validation the best practice is to use our Site Reliability Guardian (SRG) when you are using Dynatrace SaaS. To learn more about the SRG check out this video =>

Are you on SaaS?