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Error deploying app-detection-rule using Monaco?


I am trying to deploy app-detection-rule configuration using Monaco via Azure DevOps pipeline, but getting below error.


ERROR Deployment to Dev failed with error Failed to upsert DT object My Application (HTTP 400)!
Response was: {"error":{"code":400,"message":"Constraints violated.","constraintViolations":[{"path":"","message":"Given application detection rule duplicates rule 61a000cd-b4b2-49e1-6c000fa507fa","parameterLocation":"PAYLOAD_BODY","location":null}]}}, responsible config: Common/app-detection-rule/myrule.json


It should update the existing configuration?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

it appears that you have duplicate rules. This happens if there is an application with the same rule present. For example, I have an application called "EasyTravel" that is defined as URL Begins with: Easytravel.


But if I create another rule for a new application called EasyTravel1 and define it with URL Begins with: Easytravel. it will error out as the values are the same and there is a conflict. 



Hi @Chad I am using monaco so once I deploy the rule than every time i need to either remove the configuration from repository or need to add skip deployment tag

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Please add the name entry to the JSON payload. Rules are matched based on the name property. It's working for me with monaco 1.5.3

I use following templates with MoNaCo:

    "name": "{{ .name }}",
    "applicationIdentifier": "{{ .applicationId }}",
    "filterConfig": {
        "applicationMatchTarget": "DOMAIN",
        "applicationMatchType": "MATCHES",
        "pattern": "{{ .domain }}"
    "metadata": {
        "clusterVersion": "",
        "configurationVersions": [


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