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Can we Install Dynatrace Oneagent on Azure SQL server ?


If Oneagent cannot be installed , Do we have other monitoring patterns like APLI , SDK plugin , log monitoring for Azure SQL Server ?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

SQL server can be monitored from application endpoint. This will give you insight about transactions performance, database statements, response time, failure rate etc. If you also need some host metrics that came from azure you can use integration:

Here you have informations about how to setup it. Azure (the same as AWS) will provide you bunch of metrics that can be used from infrastructure point of view.

There is no option for plugin execution and log monitoring. Actually logs can be pushed to Dynatrace via API but I don't think it is possible with Azure.


Regards, Sebastian

Hello ,

Many Many Thanks for the information :

Please tell if we can monitor following options with Dynatrace :

Metadata will be deployed on SQL Server in PaaS.

a. We will monitor database is up and running.

b. Listener is up and running

2. Storage Monitoring

a. ADLS Storage availability

b. ADLS Size monitoring

c. Blob Storage availability

Blob Size monitoring


See what entities you can monitor:

maybe this will be helpful for you: - here is some additional info. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Azure because non of my clients use it. I think the best would be documentation check. If you have any option for testing such integration do so. It does not consume extra licenses.


Regards, Sebastian

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