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Does Dynatrace support Node.JS on Azure App Service Plans?

Windows App Service Plan.


Two pages I've seen seem to say its "supported"


As you can see below, Azure uses IIS as a gateway to your Azure website. Due to this Dynatrace will provide insight into all web requests processed by your Azure web app, for all technologies. This includes the list of web requests executed, request times, number of requests, response size, and much more.

This example is a Java website running on Tomcat. For .NET, Java, and Node.js we provide the complete Dynatrace feature set, including method-level insights, service flow, service backtrace, database monitoring, and much more.


This is how the process is shown in Azure.


I've raised it with support with the resolution "iisnode module is not supported in Dynatrace for Monitoring"


Has anyone successfully gotten this to work one way or another? I can see the Requests coming into the w3wp process but the subsequent nodejs calls to third party endpoints are not listed.


Microsoft Application Insights shows this. But I don't want to run both tools.





Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Benjamin,


We do support all .Net frameworks running on Azure App Store, Here is more information about the .Net platform in Dynatrace



Upon successful integration, you should be able to see requests and their breakdown under respective services:



Node.js app does not get instrumented

Please check the Platform configuration within General settings of your App Service: 32-bit Node.js is not supported by Dynatrace.

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