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Enabling log


I would like to ask, is the way to enable LOG using Azure and not using Azure the same?


original: 请问,使用Azure与未使用Azure启用LOG的方式是否一样呢


Hi C_T_R_L.

If my translator is correct you are asking if turning on the logs with or without Azure works the same. 

If you want to stream logs from the Azure Event Hub to Dynatrace it is not exactly the same (even though you also enable log monitoring like in the normal process), I would advice you to look at the documentation here for a step-by-step manual. Here, you will work with an API token which you need to generate. 

Azure Logs | Dynatrace Docs

If you have more questions after reading the documentation, feel free to reply :).

A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce



(translated by moderator)
OK, thanks, I'll try it

Hello, do you have a video of Dynatrace integrating Azure log


I have checked for you for a video but there they only mention the capabilities, not so much how the integration works...

A Dynatrace Professional nerd working for Conclusion Xforce
Dynatrace's Intelligent Log Analytics combines logs with other data sources including metrics, traces, real user data, all in context with dependency mapping, for smarter AI-powered full-stack observability that delivers answers and continuous automation. Watch this tutorial with Josh Lange, ACE ...

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