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How to auto discover Azure Environment like AWS? Don't see any option available on Dynatrace console


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Azure and AWS are two cloud computing offerings by different companies so I'll assume you're just asking about monitoring cloud environments.

If you do a search for either you should find some good information depending on what in particular you're looking for - for the most part it is the same as any on-prem environment where you'll install the OneAgent on your hosts and they do the discovery from there but there are also some options for other integrations depending on what you are thinking of.

Here is the documentation for integrating with AWS:

Here is some information for getting setup with Azure:



I think he is asking about the option avilable in the dynatrace web UI. We have option to integrate dyntrace with AWS account either with role based or key based access. But we don't have such option for azure or other cloud service provider.
I assume this is becouse AWS is close partner of dynatrace.

Ah yeah I can interpret the question that way now. Yes integration in the same way as AWS doesn't seem to be available for most other cloud offerings and I imagine this is mainly because of how much of the cloud market is with AWS it makes sense to focus/start there at least at the moment and additionally AWS may provide methods of accessing this extra data more easily (I'm not super familiar with other offerings). I bet they're looking at something similar for other cloud providers but posting an RFE/Idea might be good to get an idea of interest.

Thanks for the clarification to Irshad's questions!


Suresh is correct, I was looking for the same feature for Azure where all Azure resources will get exposed on Dynatrac UI by using one account credentials. because without this I'll not be able get how many resources are deployed in my Azure subscription and out of that on how many oneagent is installed.


Hi Irshad,

Azure integration (similar to AWS one) is under active development and it's going to be available soon. In the first round we will address the following services- API mgmt, Azure Redis, SQL, Service BUS, Scale sets, Azure load balancer and storage services. I'll let you know when we get to EAP phase.



Thanks Karolina!

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