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Instrumenting Azure Web Application code


Hi Community,


I have installed the Dynatrace Oneagent extension to an Azure Web Application and although the installation is fine I pick up nothing but the Azure IIS service calls. What am I missing?  I need to see the actual web requests and stacktraces etc.




 You could check that you have communication from azure to Dynatrace.

@Marcelo_santand Oneagent can see the IIS app pool on that Azure Web App so to me it means I have comms with that Azure App unless you mean something else?



We have a similar problem. Despite having  deployed the Dynatrace Extension successfully on the Azure App Service, the OneAgent (IIS) component is loading but the OneAgent (DotNet) component is not .  The app was stopped and started as well.  (Repeated uninstall and install, stopped and started several times).


As described above, we only see the Web Service calls, with no visibility into the transactions, e.g. database calls. Would be really helpful to understand if anyone has seen similar difficulties, and how to resolve.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello everyone,

You can check out a similar thread in the Community, where @rodrigo_alvare1 provided a solution with a list of steps to check when connecting Azure to ActiveGate. Hope that helps!
Connecting Dynatrace to Azure monitor - Communication error 

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