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WebJobs in Azure App Services seemingly not supported


we havnt had a great time finding useful information that will allow us to enable monitoring of azure webjobs deployed to our Azure PAAS app services.

Is there any best practice or hint that someone in the community has?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I think you should check this documentation. There is option for creating custom traces related to WebJobs:


Regards, Sebastian

Hey Sebastian -

We figured that azure function functionality would eventually be able to help us - but when we were evaluating (positively!) we discovered that the one agent was not seeing methods that we knew were being fired inside our WebJobs.

I dont have access to a system to repeat this with the latest bits yet - but we will be doing so once we start using Dynatrace again.

One of the issues is that our WebJobs are not HTML Triggered - they run as batch on the Application Services as WEB JOBS.

Even in such example some extra instrumentation should be possible. So if you will come back to topic I'll try to help 🙂

Regards, Sebastian

Yeah - thats what we thought too. We were able to instrument just about everything - but the webjobs seemed to be unavailable to the agent.

We think this has to do with how they are hosted: they execute in their own process space, and are homed in a directory that makes them look like a service extension (this can make deployments with app services with extensions very complicated...) - also If you turn off an app service the webjobs can continue to execute (this is a really terrible thing)

I also spent a lot of time saying "webjob" and having people not understand what I was talking about so we figured we would wait until we were a paying customer and then participate in some mutual education.


I dont mean to be a pain - but while this answer does attempt to solve my problem - it does not actually do so.

Did anyone figure out a good way to handle webjobs? The site extension doesn't seem to find it at all.

I did find that you can manually instrument with OpenTelemetry, but that is a major pain.

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