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Take the Fauna Challenge! β€Œβ€ŒπŸ±β€Œ

Community Team
Community Team

Welcome back, Community! :dynatrace:


Usually there comes a moment when we find out it would be lovely to have a pet around, as the best and most loyal friend. Sharing with them our houses, walks and trips, there're many opportunities to capture moments with them. It's clear how natural is a pure pride and joy of having our animal companion!


03_pet_adorator_badge_white.pngThat's the spirit behind our new Community Challenge! Share with us pictures of your beloved pets, no mater where, when or by whom taken.


Tell us how are they called and for what are you thinking they're special and the only ones - because our pet is always the unique one! β€ŒπŸΆβ€Œ β€ŒπŸ±β€Œ All challenge participants will get dedicated "Pet adorator" badge and bonus 100 points as well!


Let me start the thread with my bro - meet 5 kilograms of unconditional love, powerful voice heard from space and tough, distinct character. Here's my cat, RadosΕ‚aw! πŸˆβ€Œ Able to open closed door and eat a wasp alive, however unable to handle vacuum cleaner sound Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


Image from iOS.jpg


Haha how come I did not have the idea to use the shiba emoji?? 




Haha, we learn all our life, Steph! :cool_doge:

Behind every technology, there is a human.

Saw this adorable picture yesterday on LinkedIn, great to see it once again here - fits perfectly! πŸ˜Ž

Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

What a neat challenge, so many great pets!

This is Skinner, she's our tiny stalker. She recently cornered a scorpion that got into our house, without getting stung!




Senior Client Services Analyst

Oh, what a sweet, black little ball of fur. πŸ˜
But when you take a closer look you will see a soul of a hunter in her eyes. :shocked_cat:😎

Behind every technology, there is a human.