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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Community,


As promised in the article, we'll be celebrating the Community Management Appreciation Day throughout the entire week 🙂


To start the week off, meet the Dynatrace Community team closer and learn some interesting facts about the magic 4 😃


  • 🐦 vs 🦉: we have 2 larks and 2 owls on the team
  • :android: vs 🍏: 3 of us prefer Android over iOS
  • ✍️ vs ☎️: 3 of us prefer texting messages over calling
  • 🛍 vs 🖥: 3 of us prefer shopping in-store over online shopping
  • 🌅 vs : all of us prefer the sea over mountains (guess where are we based? 😉)
  • 🍦 vs 🍫: all of us prefer vanilla taste over chocolate for ice-creams
  • 🍵 vs : 3 of us prefer tea over coffee
  • 🍅 vs 🥚: 2 of us prefer ketchup and the other two - mayo
  • ☀️ vs ❄️: all of us like warmth and prefer summer over winter - although 3 of us were born in January! 🙂


Surprised? Shocked? We hope we made you smile 🙂


Want to join the game? Share your or your team's choices in the comments 😃 We guarantee a lot of fun through this exercise!