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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community!

And welcome to our second day of the Community Manager Appreciation Day celebration 😉 Yesterday we invited you to join us on a walk down the memory lane, to reminisce about the good ol’ days of classic products and the beginnings of our forum. Today’s journey is not through time. Instead, we’d like to take you to where all the magic happens.


Have a peek behind the curtain: meet the Community team!

team (1).jpeg

@Karolina_Linda, @AgataWlodarczyk@Ana_Kuzmenchuk@MaciejNeumann and @Michal_Gebacki 👏

You may have seen these faces here and there throughout the Community, but have you ever wondered what it is that we do? And why we do it?  
It’s your chance to learn! 

No day is like the other in the Community team, but that’s exactly what makes it so exciting.  

Each of us highly values freedom and opportunities to be creative at our job. Not everything about Community Management is artistic in its nature (like permission management or moderation), but we still try to keep our creative approach and take care of our inner child as we’re at it.


Agata's desk is a great source of good mood and inspirationAgata's desk is a great source of good mood and inspiration

Dealing with challenges and constantly learning and exploring is another part of being a Community Manager. We often need to be proactive - finding solutions on the fly, figuring out the context as we go. 
Everyone in our team has their superpowers: graphical materials, written content, videos, presentations, technical side of things, and because we decided, as a team, to celebrate our differences, we are motivated to grow and reach new heights every day 💪


We have a board in our room where we hoard ideas and once the thing is done we celebrateWe have a board in our room where we hoard ideas and once the thing is done we celebrate

We tried to sum up each team member’s personality with an emoji.
Had to come up with our own to do it:

Can you guess who’s who?Can you guess who’s who?

And while our work is often about balancing multiple activities and initiatives, there’s always place for deep focus and reflection. We go about it in different ways, some preferring to leave the room to somewhere more secluded (@MaciejNeumann), while others simply put their earphones with white noise (@Ana_Kuzmenchuk) of music (organic house music for @Michal_Gebacki, indie and rock for @Karolina_Linda, and trance for @AgataWlodarczyk) on.


Sometimes some of us focus too much, and a little help is needed to bring them back in for a discussion 😉


Michal hiding from the world behind his monitor and Agata using her pink banana to catch his attentionMichal hiding from the world behind his monitor and Agata using her pink banana to catch his attention


As we were preparing this article, we decided to share a few things about ourselves, similarly to what we do with our Members of the month. Things on a personal side we think the Community should know about us:


🌟 @Karolina_Linda can't live without music, sports, and traveling. Doesn't like milk, but loves dairy products. In the past, passionate about forensic medicine - gave up on this after becoming a mom of two fantastic kids 👩‍👧‍👦

🌟 @AgataWlodarczyk is an electronic music and dance lover, especially of trance music. Can rave for several hours and won't be tired. Writes poetry. A great fan of the stars, sky, sea, sunrises, and sunsets. In her free time can be found in the swimming pool and gym 🌊

🌟 @MaciejNeumann is probably the hugest bookworm of our team, an enormous fan of movies (has watched every Oscar best film award winner during Covid lockdown), art, and architecture. In free time creates surrealist photomontages and rides his e-bike when there is weather for it 🚲

🌟 @Michal_Gebacki is a true multitasker. Even in his free time prefers to join activities: finding not-so-obvious travel destinations, exploring landscapes by car, and listening to music or podcast 🚘

🌟 @Ana_Kuzmenchuk enjoys road trips and long bike rides that result in picnics in nature. Is a psychological thriller enthusiast, the more complicated the merrier. Has a passion for script and creative writing: any "top 100 movies of all time", she's probably seen it or read the script 🎥

We hope these small facts about us helped you see the human faces behind our avatars.

Because, at the end of the day, people are why we do it. Connections the Community helped us form, relationships that extend way beyond working hours. Great things we’re able to accomplish together, even with miles or kilometers between us. And celebrating every achievement, big or small, with people that share our passion!


The Community team celebrating the creation of our first user groupThe Community team celebrating the creation of our first user group

Share what you appreciate about the Dynatrace Community and our Community Team
on our Miro board (password: cmad2023).


Thank you for celebrating with us! And see you in tomorrow's article about our heroic Dynatracers 💪