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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Community,

Today we're planning to make quite a significant change to the forums UI.


On the home page and on category levels (such as Using Dynatrace) we'll change how the posts are displayed in the feed:

  • The post preview will be gone. We've heard a lot of feedback about the preview taking too much space on the screen and not bringing real value.
  • You'll see labels back in the forum posts feed. It's important for you to see the topic right away, it's also important for us as the Community Team.
  • You'll see the the last activity in the forum threads, with the time of that last activity.
  • The font will be smaller and the spacing adjusted better.

Below is a preview of how the change will look like.



We truly hope that this change will make your Community experience better.


As always - looking forward to your feedback!

The Dynatrace Community Team