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Dynatrace Community Survey 2022

Hi Dynatrace Community! Welcome to the first in a series of seasonal Dynatrace Community surveys where you can let us know what you're thinking. Over the past year, we’ve made a number of improvements...


New subforum - Events and webinars

Hello Community! Last week we’ve introduced a new subforum to the Community with a set of completely new features – “Events and webinars”. This is a place where you can find out all events about Dynat...


Community updates - March 4, 2022

Hello Dynatrace Community! It has been exactly a year since we moved to the new Community engine. As a sort of anniversary gift , we are presenting to you a bunch of UI/UX changes that we will introdu...


New email domain for Community notifications

Dear Community, To finally enable email notifications for labels, we needed to change the email address from which the Community notifications are sent. It's now Please che...


New template for Product Ideas

Use the power of Community TO INNOVATE TOGETHER Hello Dynatrace Community! We are right now working immensely on improving the process of reviewing Product Ideas and giving feedback to you faster and ...


Community updates - August 20, 2021

Hello Dynatrace Community,We've published a bunch of UI/UX updates to the Community. Here are some of them: 1. Changes in the padding of various elements in the forum and smaller buttons We've decreas...


New look of the subforums

With the latest forum update, we’re introducing a new look for the subforums. Now you will know what’s going on around the topic you are interested in in a more convenient way. For example, if you are...


Community update: new sorting options for subforums

Hello Dynatrace Community,Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and we want to include it in the Community itself as much as we can. One request that was repeating over and over again was to br...


Gamification update

Hello, Dynatrace Community! We’re announcing new additions to the gamification features in our Community. So many of you are passionate about getting new badges, climbing higher and higher in the rank...


Community update - new emojis in the text editor

Hey, Dynatrace Community! We have a small, but fun update for you: we've just added the first set of custom emojis to our Community! While we've focused mostly on company and technology icons , there ...


Community updates - June 8, 2021

Dear Community, Here are the latest updates we've made to the Dynatrace Community: 1. Avatar crop in user profile works correctly now When you wanted to add a profile picture, it wasn't cropped proper...


Community UI changes - May 31, 2021

Dear Community, Today, we're introducing more UI improvements, so it's easier to follow particular forums and use special characters in post titles. 1) Elevated Follow option The Follow option on a si...


Community UI changes - May 14, 2021

Dear Community, As almost every Friday, we'll be implementing another bunch of UI improvements Here's what's going to change: 1) Label input field placement The Labels field will be moved below the bo...


Global navigation update - May 4, 2021

Dear Community, As mentioned in the recent Dynatrace blog post, today we're introducing the first phase of our new Support Center. This brings together all our knowledge and support assets in a single...


Community UI changes - April 30, 2021

Dear Community, Today we're planning to make quite a significant change to the forums UI. On the home page and on category levels (such as Using Dynatrace) we'll change how the posts are displayed in ...


Community UI changes - April 2, 2021

Dear Community! We have some Easter presents for you! Please read below about the UI changes we've introduced and what is in the works. We truly hope you'll like them. UI changes # Feature Comment 1 A...


Community resolved and known issues - March 23, 2021

Dear Community, Below, please find the list of the newly introduced UI changes, resolved issues, and known issues as of March 23, 2021. UI changes # Feature Comment 1 Following labels “Subscribe to th...


Community resolved and known issues - March 15, 2021

Dear Community, Below, please find the list of the newly introduced UI changes, resolved issues, and known issues. UI changes # Feature Comment 1 Image preview in the activity feed Disabled image prev...


Post-launch known issues - March 10, 2021

Dear Community, In the spirit of transparency, we'll be posting weekly (or more frequent) updates on the known issues and planned fixes in the Community news forum. We value your feedback very much an...


Community terminology changes

Dear Community, As you already noticed, there are some changes to the terminology used in the new Community platform. Below, please find a summary of all of them. Posting On a forum category level, we...


The new Community platform is live!

We are pleased to inform you that Dynatrace Community has finally moved to a new and much-improved platform. You should immediately benefit from the refreshed UI, new forum structure, and a better sea...