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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Community,


Here are the latest updates we've made to the Dynatrace Community:


1. Avatar crop in user profile works correctly now

When you wanted to add a profile picture, it wasn't cropped properly. This issue has been fixed, so go ahead and upload new picture right away! 🙂


2. You can vote even on ideas with the "not planned" status

We've enabled the option to vote on not planned ideas. It may happen that if our Product team sees a high interest in a particular idea that wasn't considered to be implemented in the past, they'll get back to it and evaluate it once again.


Known issues

  • Load more button on the Community home page loads the same posts.
  • Clicking on labels in the activity feed leads to a 404 error.
  • Email notifications on label subscriptions are not sent.

What we're planning in the (very) near future

  • New emojis, including the Dynatrace logo and various technologies (AWS, Kubernetes, and more).
  • A new set of 5 badges.