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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community,

We've published a bunch of UI/UX updates to the Community. Here are some of them:


1. Changes in the padding of various elements in the forum and smaller buttons

We've decreased a little bit the amount of white space in the forum pages (and made buttons smaller as well), so you can see more forum content right from the start.


2. Product ideas statuses now have their own colors

Now you will be able to see more clearly which Product Ideas got which status.



3. Status changes without a comment take less space

Status changes that didn't have any comments in them used to take a lot of space, which made scrolling through comments for ideas a little bit troublesome (especially if there were a lot of status changes). Now they take much less screen space, but still provide the most important information: who and when changed the status and to which one. The status change message is now also a little bit bigger and bolded.


4. Dropdown menus clean-up

The dropdown menus (especially for Moderators), had a lot options that either were exposed in the UI in other places or just weren't that useful overall. To make the whole experience a little bit more streamlined, we've cleaned it up a little bit.


5. New set of emotes from the Community Challenge!

We've added a lot of new custom emotes chosen by you and in the next update, we'll add even more! Also, we've increased the size of emotes a little bit.


6. New subforum look

You can check out this article to learn more about the new subforum experience 🙂


We are still working on these known issues:

  • Load more button on the Community home page loads the same posts.
  • Email notifications on label subscriptions are not sent.


As always, we appreciate your feedback - if you have any suggestions about what changes (especially for UI/UX) we should make in the Community, let us know in the comments!


Glad to know that the "Load more" issue is being taken care of! :thankyou:


Other thing I find annoying is that the number of Search pages (at the bottom of the page) does not give a true idea of search progress.

Let me elaborate: when searching for a topic, I see - at the bottom of the page - that I'm on page 1 and that, after that, there is a page 2 available: 


However, I only know that there is a 2.

I do not know whether or not there is a 3, a 4, or a 999.

This lack of reference goes on for every page that I scroll from there:




I know where I am, I know that there is at least one more, but not how many more after that.


And yes: I do know that there is a total number of results, right after the filtering options at the top.

But when I'm scrolling and I reach the end of the page, that result count is not visible anymore (I would have to scroll up again just to check it).

Besides, if the result count is known, and the number of results per page is also known... adding the number of pages right from the start would be a simple - yet powerful - addition, right?


This being said, if the number of pages is too large to display right from the start, adding something like "..." after the last page number displayed would be great, just so that users know that there is more after the ones they see on the screen!

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks, Pedro, for the feedback! This is indeed annoying.


We'll add this to our to-do list to research the possible fixes