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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community! 


As the forum is constantly growing and there are more and more questions and various types of content every day, we want to be sure that all the users that visit our Community can find what they are looking for. That is why we are introducing a couple of changes to the structure of our Community, and, most importantly, two completely new forums! 



Cloud platforms and Containers platforms sub-forums 


As topics of AWS, Azure, and GCP are getting more and more popular, we are creating a dedicated place for them. Later on, you’ll also see the links to webinars, documentation, and blog posts related to the topics of cloud platforms (just as we have for alerting, dashboards, and other sub-forums). 

Container platforms also are getting their own sub-forum. Kubernetes and OpenShift are two really hot topics at the moment in the DevOps world, so we want to make sure you have a place where you can both learn and share your knowledge about them., 





Merging Best practices and Dynatrace tips forums 


As the “Dynatrace Tips” became a default place for sharing your good-to-know posts about Dynatrace itself, we’ve decided to merge those two forums. Thanks to this, when you’re looking for some hint about Dynatrace, you’ll immediately know where to go. 


The Developer community forum is being archived 


As this sub-forums wasn’t used that much recently and its purpose wore off at some point, we are moving it, with all its content, to the archive. But fear not, as we are planning something new in its place in the future 😉  


REST API is changing the name to Dynatrace API 


The title says it all 😊 As we are working on making naming in the forum more connected to the Dynatrace product (we are also doing some clean-up in labels), we want to make sure that sub-forums are also named more clearly. 





The Extensions category is moving to Open Q&A 


The Extensions category and its three sub-forums (Dynatrace API, Extensions, Integrations) are now in the new place – in the Open Q&A section. Thanks to this, the main navigation bar will be clearer, and the extension questions will be next to other Q&A forums in the Community. Also, we’re updating its name a little bit (but nothing too drastic 😉) - the section will now be called Extending Dynatrace. 


Besides that, we’ve also done some smaller changes in the styling of the navigation bar, which should be better to use on smaller screens and tablets.  
Thank you for being with us and for creating all this amazing content! We wanted to introduce those changes all at once, so it would be easier to get used to the new navigation of the forum. Hopefully, you’ll find all those new sub-forums useful, but if you have any suggestions or questions – just let us know in the comments below!