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Community Team
Community Team

Hello, Dynatrace Community! 


We’re announcing new additions to the gamification features in our Community. So many of you are passionate about getting new badges, climbing higher and higher in the ranks, or participating in some of our challenges! Thanks to this, your activity in the Community is not only letting you learn things about Dynatrace, share experiences, give your ideas for product enhancements or providing incredibly valuable feedback to our developer teams. But it’s also all about having fun! 


New levels of the existing badges 

After migrating to a new community platform and releasing new badges, we noticed that many of you achieved their highest levels very quickly. First of all: we are incredibly proud of this Community, this is truly awesome! But also, we want to provide something to chase for the most engaged users, so with every new provided answer or with each login you will be closer and closer to another virtual award.  

That is why all the existing badges will now have 6th, 7th, and 8th level, marked with Olympic medal colors. Only the best of the best will be able to get them! And this is also why they are so unique. 


New levels of the existing badges.png


New badges 

Besides leveling the existing badges, we have a couple of new ones for you to get! There is something for everyone: the most active users and for those who are focusing just on reading the Community content. 


Here are our new badges: 

  • “Member of the Month” - our winners (past, present, and future ones), besides fame, dedicated article, some Dynatrace swag, and bonus points, will now also get their own badge! 

Member of the month.png


  • “With us from the start” - for being with us in this Community from July 27th 2016, when the Dynatrace platform was officially born 
  • “Looking good” - for changing your default avatar 
  • “Professor” - for posting a valuable tip in any of the Tips and Tricks forums 

2 single level badges.png


  • “Reader” - for reading posts in the forum, and here you can level up 5 times! 

5 reading badges.png



Bonus points 

The highest levels of our rank system are there for the most active and passionate Community members. So far, no one has become neither Guru nor Legend. To get one of those titles, you not only have to provide valuable solutions and posts in the Community, but also get bonus points for various other activities. Until now, they have been used mostly for Challenges and Member of the Month awards, but we want to provide other ways of getting them, too. They still won’t be easy to get, but we want to give you some options to simply let you be the decision maker how your Dynatrace Community journey will look like. 


The new ways of getting bonus points include: 

  • Posting a new helpful thread in the Tips and Tricks forums: 100 points 
  • Having more than 10 accepted answers in a month: 200 points 
  • Creating engaging topic with more than 10 replies from at least 5 users: 100 points 
  • Implementing your feedback about the forum: 100 points 
  • Reaching the 8th level of any badge: 100 points 
  • Having your post featured on the Community home page: 200 points 

Bonus points will be awarded on a monthly basis.