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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community, 

Right before Perform 2024 (and in the middle of the Community Appreciation Day celebration 😉), we would like to introduce a new Dynatrace Community subforum – Automations. There you’ll find all topics related to Workflow Automation, AutomationEngine, and EdgeConnect, as well as integrations with various tools. With the new forum, we’re also sunsetting the Integrations subforum – all the topics and questions from this subforum will now be moved into the Automations subforum. 

With this change, we want to slowly (but steadily 😉) update the structure of the forum to reflect better the structure of the product itself. 

Here is the list of the labels that will belong to this subforum: 

  • automations 
  • cloud automation 
  • automationengine 
  • release monitoring 
  • slo 
  • workflows 
  • site reliability guardian 
  • integrations 

We’re working closely with the Automations team to make sure that this place is full of content – we've started already in 2023, gathering the FAQs for the new Dynatrace feature, Workflows. 

We wish you a happy exploration of the new place! And remember - we’re always glad to hear your feedback, please comment below 😊  

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