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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Community,


As almost every Friday, we'll be implementing another bunch of UI improvements 🙂 


Here's what's going to change:


1) Label input field placement

The Labels field will be moved below the body of the post.


2) The Comment button removal from the Dynatrace Product Ideas feed

The Comment buttons that appear next to product ideas in the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum feed will be replaced with the voting buttons.



Other implemented ideas

  • Added an option to kudo comments in product ideas
  • Publish release notes in the forums

In progress

  • Avatar crop in the user profile (it's broken now)
  • Elevate the Follow option
  • Further improvements around labels
  • Email notifications about label subscriptions
  • Listing implemented product ideas in the release notes

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Dynatrace Community Team