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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community, 


One of the most frequent requests that we see for our Community is to have a better ability to network with other users. There are a lot of real DevOps rock-stars in our forum, with incredibly valuable experiences that they would love to share and exchange with others. From today, this will be possible in a completely new way for our Community :tada:


We’re introducing a new type of subforum for Dynatrace Community – User groups. These are specialized places for users who are connected in various ways: by location, language, industry, features that they use, or in any other significant way. You can find there a place for discussion, creating articles, or setting up events to meet either online or in real life. The main purpose of these groups is to network and share experiences. If you want to ask a Dynatrace-related question, our Dynatrace Open Q&A is still the best and the fastest way to get the answer. 


The first groups we want to start with are the ones that were requested the most: forums for German-speaking and Portuguese-speaking users.  


In the German user group, you’ll find a forum for discussions (Diskussionen), a blog for sharing success stories (Publikationen), and a place for creating meetups (Veranstaltungen). In the Portuguese one, there’s now a forum and the events part. Another user group that is coming up is for our Middle East users, so look out for it in the future 😉 


ℹ️ Remember you need to log in to see the content of the group hubs.


If you have an idea for a user group or want to step up and become a leader for one 😉, just contact us through our email at We’ll send you then a form to fill out, and then we will create a new space where you and other people from your group can gather and know each other better. For your requests, we can also create a closed forum or even a secret, hidden one.