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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community!

As some of you probably already noticed, we’ve launched an updated design for the forums. As the new era of Dynatrace approaches (look out carefully for the Perform this year 😉), we wanted to be closer to the newest branding of our website and branding materials. Thanks to that, soon you’ll get a unified Dynatrace experience across all the different sites and support resources.

With those changes, we also wanted to improve our accessibility, responsiveness on different pages and devices, and (a little bit) page speed. For example, the primary buttons are now more exposed from the others, so you’ll immediately know what to click when trying to navigate through the site.

But fear not – we didn’t remake from scratch the whole page. Almost everything is in the same place as it used to be, so your overall experience won’t be disrupted any big way.

We’ve updated the following:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Navigation menu
  • Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Right panel widgets
  • And some smaller changes here and there 😉

More is soon to come! We’ve focused the first wave of changes on the most important parts of our Community, but step by step, we want to improve every part of it. In the next stage, we’ll change the icons and the styling of more specific pages like the Profile page, User groups, Events, or Dynamights.

We've tested everything very thoroughly, but as those changes are affecting a lot of pages, there could be some issues with the styling of some of them - especially on less popular browsers.

Let us know in the comments if you have issues with anything, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thank you!