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Community Team
Community Team

Hello dear Community!

Today, we're bringing you some news regarding the Dynatrace Managed content on our forum.


What has been changed?

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Dynatrace Managed space 🎉, designed exclusively for all your Dynatrace Managed-related posts.

As a part of this change, we have reviewed all discussions and questions labeled "dynatrace-managed" and migrated them from the Dynatrace Open Q&A to this newly created place!



Creating a separate sub-forum aims to enhance the overall experience of our users with the Community by providing better navigation, straightforward content, and faster access to the information you need.

So, effective immediately, we kindly ask you to post all your questions, discussions, and insights associated with Dynatrace Managed exclusively in the dedicated Dynatrace Managed forum. By doing so, you'll contribute to building a more organized and valuable knowledge base!


What's next?

In August 2023, we will comprehensively review all Product Ideas related to Dynatrace Managed and move them to their separate place.

By segregating these ideas, we aim to foster a focused environment for discussions, suggestions, and improvements tailored to the unique requirements of Dynatrace Managed users. Stay tuned for further updates! 🔜



Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dynatrace Managed? 

Dynatrace Managed is the on-premises deployment model offered by Dynatrace. If your organization's policies prohibit cloud-based solutions, you can still benefit from Dynatrace monitoring features while keeping your data on-premises.


How does the new Dynatrace Managed Q&A forum differ from the Dynatrace Open Q&A forum?

Dynatrace Managed Q&A is functionally equal to Dynatrace Open Q&A forum. In the Dynatrace Managed Q&A forum, you should ask questions specific to Dynatrace Managed deployment model like installation, configuration, user management, or any particular non-Grail enabled functionality. 


When will the review of Product Ideas related to Dynatrace Managed take place?

In August 2023, we will comprehensively review all Product Ideas related to Dynatrace Managed and move them to a separate space—a more detailed plan to be shared soon.