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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community! 


It has been exactly a year since we moved to the new Community engine. As a sort of anniversary gift 😉, we are presenting to you a bunch of UI/UX changes that we will introduce with today's Community update. 


Email notifications for labels are coming back! 

Finally, the email notifications for the labels followed will work again from the middle of next week. Now you will get an email every time someone posts some fresh content connected to the topics that are interesting to you (or just once a week for example, all accordingly to your notification settings 😉). Thanks to this, you will always be up to date about what is going on in the Community about the specific part of the Dynatrace. So be sure to click the “follow” button and subscribe (I always wanted to say that 😁) to your favorite labels! 


List of your subscribed labels 

Now you can also check all the labels that you are subscribing to and on which subforum in your profile page. Thanks to this, you can quickly check what you are already tracking and what is still missing. Remember, that labels are connected to the subforums at the moment - so sometimes, you have to follow them in different places, like Dynatrace Q&A or Dynatrace product ideas.




Filter labels by Product Idea status 

When you are searching for Product Ideas from one topic, you can now also filter them by a status. Interested about Data Explorer ideas that are planned for the future? Want to see, what are the latest ideas about Synthetic Monitoring? Now you can just go to the label view in the Product Ideas forum and choose the status from the dropdown menu. 




Short descriptions for popular labels 

This change is live in the forum from some time already 🙂. Most popular labels now have a brief description, usually taken straight from the Dynatrace Documentation. Not sure, what is this specific topic all about? Just click on the label and read about it directly in the Community. 

Let us know, if there are some labels, that also need their description, and we will expand the list 😉




New “Join the community” page 

We want to show all the new users of Dynatrace, what they will get by joining our Community. That is why we have created a new page designed for them, that shows all the benefits in a quick and clear way. They can get there all the needed information about how they can become a user of the forum, check out a map of our users' base, read some testimonials, and see what is our Dynamights program all about. 

Give it a look and let us know what we can also add there to encourage new users to join our awesome Community! - How to join Dynatrace Community? 





Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of our journey for the last year! We have a lot of new plans and changes ahead of us – all of this, to make your experience with Dynatrace Community as pleasant as possible.


As always – if you notice some bugs, would like to propose some changes or just to give some feedback, let us know in the comments.