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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dynatrace Community!

Last month, we asked you to help us by sharing your valuable feedback in the Community Survey. We didn't expect it to get as much response as it did, and we can't put into words how grateful we're. But we'll try!

Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of our huge cube-shaped hearts :dynatrace:



Below, we'd like to share the main areas of improvements we identified based on the feedback you provided, our ideas and plans to address them.


User Groups For partners  
Southern hemisphere, English speaking  
More activity in user groups ℹ️ Activity in user groups lays outside the responsibility of the Community team. We provide the space for users to connect, but it's on owners and members to keep the group alive. We will pass the feedback to owners of user groups, and will be happy to help with advise anytime!
More visibility of the area We will investigate ways of making this area more visible to our Community.
Events and Webinars Lots of feedback on this area that gave us the confirmation that full review and re-invention of this area is due. DONE: moved to LEARN section.
Forum features and bugs Community chat Our Community by design doesn't have a chat feature turned on for all users, as we'd like to keep all knowledge and conversations between users public, so more people could use that exchange.
See questions with no reply/solution

You can see all questions with no reply by using the "Without reply" filter on the main feed:

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 17.15.34.png

On separate sub-forums, you can use "Unanswered questions" for the same, and "Without solution" to see threads with no comment accepted as a Solution.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 14.35.10.png

It's available from the level of a sub-forum only, unfortunately, for the moment.

Built-in dark mode

Unfortunately, there's no possibility to introduce a dark mode built-in feature as of now. If our platform provider ever introduces such functionality, we will definitely adopt it, too 😉

Follow the Product idea to get updates.

For now, you can use a workaround solution described in this post.

Filtering by date You can filter by date by using either "Most recent" (for lastly commented on posts) or "New topics" filters on each level of our forum:Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 17.19.33.png
Pro Tips to be allowed to be marked as Solution No such functionality, unfortunately, but for all authors of the Pro Tips in Dynatrace Tips space we have a special prize in shape of additional bonus points 😉 
Zoom links in webinars in Outlook not working/are missing 🛠

We created a ticket for our platform provider to investigate this issue and fix it.

As a workaround, add the event your calendar, and on the day of the event follow the link to the Community you have in the invite - we always make sure the Zoom link is available in the description.

Option to "Outdate" content The topic of outdated content is on our roadmap, but in the meantime you can simply let the Community team know that a post needs to be archived. We do our best to do it proactively, but any help is appreciated.
Option to "Close" the topic

Same as with outdated content, we will investigate what can be a solution for such a use case.

In the meantime you can ask the Community team to archive or simply close comments on your posts.

Improve readability of huge threads

As for now, we cannot provide a solution beside two filtering options available under each thread - Newest to oldest, and Oldest to newest.

We raised a product idea on the forum of our platform provider, so hopefully one day 🤞

Option to "feature" posts instead of publishing the link in the comments

Unfortunately, there's no functionality that can support this use case.

And on the other hand, we would like authors of posts to be able to accept all additional resources (documentation links, other posts on the Community, video, etc.) as Solutions, and it won't be possible with the "feature" function.

Option to filter product ideas based on status

You can see all ideas with a particular status by clicking on the status name:

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 17.23.18.png

Unfortunately, there's no way to see the list of ideas with all statuses except for one.

Personalized main page with an option to view only new content in followed sub-forums/labels

Personalization of content is already on our roadmap 🙂 Follow this product idea for updates.

DONE: read here.

Missing content More video content focused on the upcoming features ℹ️ Not in the hands of the Community team, but we have passed the feedback to people creating this type of content.
More video content focused on tips and tricks ℹ️ Not in the hands of the Community team, but we have passed the feedback to people creating this type of content.
Use cases and best practices Creating more content around use cases and best practices is on the roadmap.
Best practices with detailed explanations/configuration examples ℹ️

It lays outside the responsibility of the Community team, as authors of content are choosing to provide examples and explanations.

What we can do from our side - investigate ways of making such content more valuable for the Community and share those tips 🙂 

Demos from different domains ℹ️ Not in the hands of the Community team, but we have passed the feedback to people creating this type of content.
More content on Cloud best practices ℹ️ Not in the hands of the Community team, but we have passed the feedback to people creating this type of content.
Weekly digest of the hottest content We're working on making our newsletters content more valuable 📰  You can expect some changes in the upcoming months!
Product ideas and Feedback area More feedback channels (related to major product areas) While we can't promise there will be a Feedback thread on every new feature of Dynatrace, we continuously work with our Product Managers to expand this sub-forum 😉
All channels to be up-to-date and well-maintened The Community team at least once a year runs an extensive clean up of Feedback channels, and archives those that are left unattended. We are working on making the collaboration between PMs and the Community even smoother in the future 🙂
More engagement from Dynatrace employees This is not something that can be done at once as a project, but the Community team is working on involving more Dynatrace experts in the knowledge-sharing on the Community.
New spaces Latest Dynatrace

It won't be a separate sub-forum, but you can find content specific to new Dynatrace under the label "latest Dynatrace", or under other specific labels.

More in the article.


Our survey took place before the change went live, but DQL sub-forum is now a place! 🌟

Check it out here.

Workflows and automations

Spoiler alert: it's already in the works! You can expect the announcement soon.

In the meantime, check out helpful materials we've gathered for you 😉


There's no plan to make a separate space for this content.

Notebooks are a part of Dashboarding, and it's a default place for all questions related to that topic. 

App engine Developers forum is the place to go to learn about creating apps on the Dynatrace Platform 💪
Grail There's no plan to make a separate space for this content.
Monaco There's no plan to make a separate space for this content.
General feedback Recognition and appreciation for active users As we did in the past a few times, we will plan some prizes for future Community challenges, for example SWAG store vouchers!
Vouchers for the Dynatrace certification We will investigate if it's possible. Lets keep it a surprise 😉
Extra points for Pro Tips Every author of an article on the Dynatrace Tips and Tricks sub-forum already gets extra bonus points 😉 
Identify partners and customers on the forum (as it is with Dynatracers)

There's no plan to provide any kind of identification for prospects, customers and partners on our forum. 

A workaround is to provide this information in "Bibliography" section of your profile:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 12.33.00.png


We'd like to also thank everyone for the ocean of compliments you showered our forum with, and all the kudos given to the team. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our work make a difference 😊💚


If you have any questions or further suggestions for our Community, you can leave them in the comments 👇