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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Community,

As you already noticed, there are some changes to the terminology used in the new Community platform. Below, please find a summary of all of them.



On a forum category level, we refer to forums as boards and there you can select your post destination location.



Best answers

Moving forward, we won't be speaking about best answers, but about solutions. Similarly to the current best answers, they are marked in green


Tagging forum content

In the legacy platform, we used tags to manage content in the forum. In the new Community platform, we use labels.


The only change here is the terminology change. You'll be able to subscribe to labels the same way you now follow tags. 


To sum up

  • A single forum becomes a board
  • The best answer becomes a solution
  • Tags become labels

It may take some time to get used to the terminology that comes with the new platform, but we believe it will take you 5 minutes to feel like home!

The Dynatrace Community Team