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Community Team
Community Team


We’re super happy to have more active users by month, well, by day! 😃 We appreciate all actions related to helping and improving Dynatrace and the Community, such as:
- replying to questions, posting, submitting product ideas, sharing best practices, tips and tricks,
- taking part in webinars, online meetings,
- providing feedback to Dynatrace, the Community and other self-service resources,
- taking all marketing and brand advocacy actions to promote Dynatrace and the Community.

Among the Community members, we have some who are particularly active and to reward them and their input a recognition program called DynaMights was created.

DynaMights are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced Dynatrace and IT professionals on our Community. They represent the collaborative, intellectual power that arises when experts gather to share insights and help solve other Community members' problems.

Another iteration of the program took place in October and this time the occasion is double:

- there are now 2️⃣ birthday candles on the DynaMights' cake - Happy Birthday! 🎂 🎉
4️⃣ new Community users joined the Super User Program 🎉 

Who joined this unique group of experts? 

DynaMight New Members 2023.png

Please, join us in congratulating and welcoming warmly our four new DynaMights!

@AntonPineiro@julien_egron@Mohamed_Hamdy@radek_jasinski are joining a fantastic team of experts helping the Community and the Community team in providing crucial feedback, content, and improvements to the Dynatrace platform and the self-service around it.

So, from today, we have a set of amazing 31 DynaMights from all over the world 🌍

DM are global.png

Check out our Hall of Fame to meet the whole group of super users and get to know them better! 😊

All DynaMights have additional benefits:

DMs benefits.png

And our new members will get these as well 😃


Would you like to join the group of DynaMights?

Write valuable posts, interesting product ideas, tip articles, take part in challenges and answer questions from other members of the forum. All this actions will put you on our radar and make you a strong candidate for the next iteration of the program! 

To read more about DynaMights and learn the detailed rules related to joining the program, visit the About the DynaMights page. And if you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Community team at 😊