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Community Team
Community Team

DynaMight New Members 2023.png

The time for another iteration of the DynaMight:dynamight: - a Dynatrace Community recognition program - has come.

Every 6 months we’re checking the activity of Community users in many ways. We’re super happy 😃 that we have more active users every month, well even every day! We appreciate all actions related to helping and improving Dynatrace and Community like:

  • replying to questions, posting, submitting product ideas, sharing best practices, tips and tricks,
  • sharing information about the Community and super user program online and on Social Media,
  • taking part in webinars, online meetings, AMA sessions,
  • taking all marketing and brand advocacy actions to promote Dynatrace and Community.

Among the Community members, two users have recently deserved special attention, so the Community team decided to invite to the DynaMights group @Romanenkov_Al3x and  @AurelienGravier. Aleksandr Romanenkow and Aurelien Gravier - welcome to the club of Dynatrace superusers! 😊 We consider all DynaMights as real Dynatrace and Community experts, so we believe you’ll continue to be helpful and valuable members of this group.

So yes, from today, we have a set of amazing 2️⃣7️⃣ DynaMights from all over the world. Check out our Hall of Fame to meet the whole group of super users and get to know them better! 

Statistic banner.png

All DynaMights have additional privileges and f
rom today Aleksandr and Aurelien will get some benefits dedicated only to that special group. Recently, one of the new benefits for DynaMights is the possibility to certificate for free. 😎 We know that Community users want to develop their knowledge and skills constantly. And whether they’re seeking greater credibility in the industry or with their peers, certifications validate their Dynatrace skills and knowledge. 


Would you like to become one of the DynaMights too?
Write valuable posts, interesting product ideas, tip articles for others, or answer questions from other members of the forum. Just by doing this, you can be sure that we‘ll notice you and you’ll become a strong candidate for the next iteration of the program. 

To read more about DynaMights :dynamight: and learn the detailed rules related to joining the program, visit the “About the DynaMights” page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. Of course, the rest of the Community team is also always there for you. 😊