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Happy April, Dynatrace Community! 

First and foremost, thank you for all the constructive feedback after the launch of our new community platform. We hope that the outstanding search capabilities and modern UI outweigh the issues that are still to be fixed. To learn more about our forum updates, follow the Community news forum. 

We're happy to share that most of the planned improvements to the new platform have efficiently taken place, such as:  

  • Working notifications: Email notifications, notification feed in the forum, and real-time pop-up notifications giving you immediate positive feedback when you complete an action valuable to our Community. 
  • Improved search: All Community members can finally quickly find the content they're interested in. 
  • Appealing ranking system: A clear and visual indication of how each forum user is involved in the Community. The more engaged you are, the more you rank up, eventually achieving the level of a Legend. 


Top contributors  

Thank you, everyone, who visited Dynatrace Community and participated in discussions last month! It’s members like you who make our Community truly great. Special shout out to:  

  • @ChadTurnerwe're pleased to announce that in March you have received the largest amount (44) of kudos for your postsas well as 13 of your answers are marked as best solutions by Community members. In addition, you also provided the largest number of product ideasYou're doing an overall excellent work on the Dynatrace Community! 
  • @Yosi_Neuman@Julius_Loman@AntonioSousa@kalle_lahtinen, and @pahofmann for your impressive activity and support, both for providing valuable comments that helped other members solve their problems, and for valuable suggestions for improvements and feedback to our team. 
  • @tibebe_m_digafe - for submitting 7 wonderful product ideas and for being the most generous voter in March. In total you have voted for 37 product ideas. It's great to see such an appreciation of the work of your fellow Community members. 
  • @STiAT -  for generating many valuable questions and product ideas, quickly getting used to the new experience of our forum platform. 
  • @DanielS  for being particularly helpful last month and sharing your knowledge in 19 valuable comments. Keep up the good work! 
  • @Babar_Qayyum  for actively visiting the forum, engaging in so many different discussions, and also sharing suggestions and feedback for our team that we're taking into account 
  • @fstekelenburg for your attentive and detailed eye in the recent weeks. We appreciate you pointing out outdated content, which helps us improve the overall Community experience. 


Engaging Community discussions  


Useful labels to follow 

Community Tip - As the new forum platform comes with a number of new features that may not be so easy for everyone to find, we're creating helpful Community tip articles. Be sure to follow this label to keep up to date on how to improve your experience in the Community. 



Biweekly challenges 

  • Take a chance to participate in the Team spirit challenge and win a unique, limited edition badge! 
    We know that many of you work with wonderful colleagues who haven't yet registered in our forum. Let's go and invite them to join the Dynatrace Community and share/@mention their new profiles in the comments. 



Members of the month 

Read two inspiring interviews with the most helpful Dynatrace Community members from the previous month: 

  • Employee Member of the month: Harald Berger  
    It is important to have a place for open discussion where many users can contribute, and the solution is finally documented. It is great when you google for a problem and get to the thread that contains the solution." 
  • Community Member of the month: Daniel Stanizzo  
    My first project with Dynatrace was an important bank that needed observability in its Mobile Apps. When they saw all that Dynatrace had to offer, I sat on the table with other departments, and step by step Dynatrace became omnipresent.”  


In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite blog posts from last month: 



See you in the Dynatrace Community! 

The Dynatrace Community team