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Community Team
Community Team

It's time for the Community Newsletter! :dynatrace:


Welcome to August! Even though the holiday season is in full swing, we're not slowing down with our busy plans and bringing you numerous novelties and updates throughout the Community. We're happy to share the most important of them with you right here, right now. Grab your coffee, sit comfortably and check out some statistics, highlights and things to be looking forward 👀 


📈 Dynatrace Community highlights






Over the previous month we were mainly engaged in planning, measuring and shaping the new features of the Dynatrace Community that were on the agenda, the largest one being the user groups feature. Curious about what else we've been working on? Check out the July's most important highlights!



👉 User groups are finally here! Things went even better than anticipated, and with the invaluable support of our users we managed to launch not one group, as initially planned, but two! Check out the German and Portuguese user groups.


👉 We've hosted another Community AMA Session that is now a reoccurring monthly event you can freely participate in. Next event's date is right there 👈


👉 Other fresh Community's feature, Events and webinars, is full of life now! Explore all of them in the dedicated space and especially - don't forget to explore Dynatrace INNOVATE!



🔝 July's top contributors




We're so glad our Community is full of many helpful and engaged people! Thank you:

@Super@Mizső@ChadTurner@fstekelenburg@AntonioSousa@Bill_Demsky, and @JR79!

Shout out to those whose names we see on this list for the first time!



👏  Special congratulations


We love to observe the Dynatrace Community in search of extraordinary examples of engagement, interesting conversations, inspiring hints, and other things that deserve attention. Thus, we're showing you the most interesting examples of actions that truly deserve a highlight! 


🌟 @Super for really impressive engagement in the latest weeks throughout the Community - keep it up!


🌟 @Andy_Tommo and @john_drangula for submitting very popular and engaging product ideas - explore them here and here!


🌟 @henk_stobbe for always delivering helpful and detailed question-threads in the Q&A forums!


🌟 @richard_guerra for providing quality help for vital questions when it's needed!


🌟 @fstekelenburg for proving that two solutions for a thread is not enough - three are fine as well!


🌟 @Shirai for rising a vital question in extensions forum thread!


🌟 @Breno for joining the latest Community DJ Challenge - can't wait to see you back in this section!




🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've read the latest interviews with extraordinarily engaged Community members and our irreplaceable Dynatracers! Get to know them better either from a professional or after-hours perspective! 😎








🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!









:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!



🔥 The hottest discussions


Take a look at July's most engaging discussions we've spotted throughout Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. Take the Community DJ Challenge! ‌ 30
2. Feedback channel for the new opt-in host overview page 18
3. Feedback channel for the new Dynatrace iOS/Android Notification App 17
4. HTTPD refuses connections after installing dynatrace oneagent 13
5. Difference between two Kubernetes built-in metrics 12
6. Activation of Deep Monitoring was Unsuccessful. Injections is Manually Disa... 11
7. Feedback channel for new Log Storage Configuration & Filtering and Sensitiv... 10
8. Use NFS volume to store logs for log monitoring version 2 10
9. Looking for builtin / any other metrics which can provide page level load t...
10. Unable to install oneagent in kubernetes for cluster monitoring



💡 The most voted product ideas


Here comes the time to show you those ideas that gained the largest attention latest month.


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. Allow for the creation of metrics and custom alerting events based on speci... 53 New
2. RFE: Choose frequency of reports - daily, weekly or monthly 32 New
3. [RFE] - kubernetes monitoring for multi-tenant cluster 29 New
4. Session replay for Android Jetpack Compose 24 Under review
5. Instrumenting Quarkus 19 Accepted
6. Dashboard Improvements - Extend Dynamic Filter capability to Synthetic Moni... 19 New​​​​​​​
7. RFE: Add message shown in Problem card to Problem details in the API 13 New​​​​​​​
8. Ability to monitor NTP for RHEL 8.X OS in Dynatrace. 12 New​​​​​​​
9. Ability for admin users to mock/impersonate other's user permissions 11 Under review
10. Create a way via API or GUI to determine the version of Dynatrace Operator ... 11 Under review



🎵 The July challenge overview


July is a month of summer trips, long bike journeys and, in general, dozens of opportunities to listen to music. Everyone's got their own taste, and we though it would be fun to ask the Community members to build a large Summer Playlist together. A track perfect for a morning jog? Share it! For work? For making everyday commuting smoother? Or simply those you can't get enough of? We would love to hear them all!


Curious of already shared tracks? Take a look at the "Community DJ Challenge"!


The "Community DJ" badgeThe "Community DJ" badge

🌟 19 answers submitted so far

🌟 Rock, electronica, techno, synthpop, and... many other genres!

🌟 Help from Dynatracers and Community employees

🌟 Classical tracks and modern vibes



You can still participate! Submit your answer now and share your favorite tracks!




🔥 Threads you need to read!


We've gathered some forum threads that may deserve your attention. Explore the list below and see, maybe some of them cover aspects you were wondering about or mention errors you've faced as well, and maybe some will even make you "eureka"!


👉 Introducing user groups in Dynatrace Community


👉 Community survey 2022 - results


👉 Create a way via API or GUI to determine the version of Dynatrace Operator in use


👉 Introducing new Kubernetes metrics for improved user experience (and deprecating old ones)


👉 Difference between two Kubernetes built-in metrics


👉 SAP - Frequency of Data collection


👉 Community in University


👉 What's new in Dynatrace SaaS 1.246?


👉 Always showing the full trace



🕘 What's coming soon?


Summer time is a lovely period, but an unfortunately short one. Thus, we're already full of plans for the upcoming months of the 2022's last quarter. We can't reveal all the plans as for now, but can hint on some things as a thank you for reading this newsletter all the way through! 👀


👉 Community video tour 


We want to let people explore the Dynatrace Community better, paying attention to the visual aspect and smooth guidance. We're happy to announce we're planning to launch Community Video Tour in the upcoming weeks, putting the Community onboarding to a new level!


👉 Updated Community User Guide


We're already working on the update of the Community User Guide with more video and gif materials. Why? Because smooth, visual explanation is better than thousands of words 😉


👉 New exciting Community Challenge - AUGUST 17, 2022

In the latest challenges our Community users are simply rocking with their fantastic engagement. That's why we already can't wait to publish the newest edition scheduled for the publication in the second half of August. Hope most of you won't be on holidays and will submit answer in time... 😉


👉 New AMA session with the Community team - AUGUST 18, 2022

Community AMA sessions is the perfect opportunity to have a direct interactions with all of our team's members. Every month you have a chance to ask us about anything you find valuable, important or interesting. Save the date for the August AMA right there and submit your participation!


👉 Community talks - reloaded


"Members of the month" articles isn't the only way we interact with the most engaged users of the Dynatrace Community. Earlier this year you could've seen a couple of video interviews with some of laureates... Do you remember? We're coming back to this format but in a refreshed concept! Stay tuned.

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Michal_Gebacki great newsletter! thanks for putting it together 🙂