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Community Team
Community Team

Great to meet with you for the first time in the New Year! 🎆


Winter holidays in some countries lasted for really long and we hope many of you have rested very well firstly during Xmas, and later at the turn of the years. However, it's time to come back to our work duties 😉


It's high time to celebrate a new month with the freshest edition of our Community newsletter. We really hope you'll find a few free minutes to take a look and discover what interesting is happening in our forums. Enjoy!


Dynatrace Community highlights


Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16.50.04.png


What's more, we've implemented a few important features and novelties which might've caught your attention. Take a look what exactly appeared throughout Dynatrace Community in December 2021!


👉 We've implemented a special banner about Log4j vulnerability, the hottest forum subject recently


👉 New email domain for Community notifications


👉 Feedback channel for the new Dynatrace iOS/Android Notification App


👉 Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin


🔝 December's top contributors

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 15.22.23.png


We're so happy to have so engaged and helpful Community! Shout out especially to names we see on this list for the first time! Thank you all: @ssamraj@Julius_Loman@sebastian_kryst, @dannemca@Romanenkov_Alex@Bill_Demsky, and @Chad_Turner


🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've taken a look at our latest interviews with irreplaceable employees and Community members! Meet them both from professional and a little bit more after-hours perspective! 😎




🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!




:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!


🔥 The hottest discussions

Take a look at the last month's most engaging discussions in the Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. Impact of log4j zero day vulnerability 46
2. Take the Xmas Challenge! ‌‌ 30
3. Problems without alerting profiles 17
4. Getting metrics via API 13
5. Feedback channel for the new Dynatrace iOS/Android Notification App 12
6. Mobile Application Notifications Observation 11
7. No module named 'cx_Oracle' 10
8. Can we do full stack monitoring for Siebel and Windchill application 9
9. Exclude/Ignore HTTP 5xx Series Error with specific exception message 9
10. Dynatrace API to get RUM tag inline code 8



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. Monitoring ActiveGates 20 Started
2. Lambda One Agent Extension: Pure path enhancement 19 new
3. RFE - We would like to add a Preview function to the Maintenance window. 18 new
4. Global setting of Block specific Request in Synthetic 17 new
5. Instrumenting Quarkus 16 Under review
6. Service Quality Report per Management Zone 16 new
7. Change Maintenance screen back so the expired section is separate from the ... 16 Planned
8. Interface to browsers performance apis from RUM and Synthetic 16 new
9. Automatically applied tag value based on k8s labels 13 new
10. Improvements in capturing custom actions on mobile iOS browsers 13 new


🎄 The December challenge overview


Last month we had a chance to ask our Community members to share how they're celebrating winter holidays time - no matter of altitude or longitude. The pictures were really various and worth attention! Take a look at the results of December's "Xmas challenge"! 


🌟 9 various answers submitted


🌟 4 trees


🌟 2 ginger breads


🌟 1 poppy cake


🌟 1 family picture, santa costume and charity action (amazing!!!)


🌟 1 special recipe


Curious? Make sure you've taken a look on every xmas picture shared in the challenge thread!


🕘 What's coming soon?


Dynatrace Community Team is kicking off into the new month and new year with a fresh pack of plans, ideas and improvements. Some of them you'll catch immediately, others are going to be meant to improve your user experience in more secret, hidden way 😉 Take a look what's on agenda on January!


👉  Notifications view

Managing the Community platform UI there's always some area for improvement - knowing that, we're planning to create a bit smoother and intuitive way to display notifications. Soon checking what responses, kudos, or badges you've received, won't be demanding from you opening a new page. You'll be able to check them in the pop-up window, just like large social media platforms do. In this particular case, they're the ones to follow 😉

👉  Label improvements

Notifications for label subscription, label descriptions in the forums, and more - stay tuned for some cool stuff around forum labels!

👉  Welcoming strategy

We love to analyze how theory and plans are actually working with deep browses of the statistics. Because of that, we're planning to understand the needs of new guests to the Community platform even better. We're preparing a strategy that will be introducing to and guiding around the forum in the first steps. This way, we would like to convert more Community members into regular visitors and give them a chance to quickly understand how they can benefit from the Dynatrace Community!

👉  DynaMights SWAG

Our super-user program has been working for almost 3 months now! Ties between members are strengthening and they keep shining as the brightest stars of the Community. Now we're preparing some new pack of benefits for them to make every DynaMight feel even more special and recognized for their extraordinary engagement to the growth of the Dynatrace Community. 

👉  Q&A forum cleanup

As some of you might've noticed, from the beginning of December we're making deep research and cleanup of all Q&A forums and searching for threads without answers, solutions, or enough feedback. We want to make this section of Community as much helpful and universal for every visitor as possible and now browsing threads should give even more help. In January, we're planning to finish this large cleanup.


Have an amazing new year of 2022, stay healthy and build Community with us! See you in February!