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Community Team
Community Team

The Community team welcomes you bigger than before! :dynatrace:


July has come! What does it mean for us? Clearly, there's a little bit more laid-back atmosphere caused by the start of the summertime. But what matters the most is the fact that we're welcoming a new person on our board! @Ana_Kuzmenchuk joins the Community team as the fifth person, making it even stronger for future challenges! To meet her better, explore the dedicated welcoming thread available right here 👈


In the meantime, don't forget to explore the newest package of the community updates, statistics, highlights, and interesting stuff we're preparing for you. The latest month we implemented a really important feature some of you were asking us for! But now - enjoy your read!👇


📈 Dynatrace Community highlights


Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 12.57.37.png





In June, we were deeply focused on the development of the new sections of our forum. Sky is the limit, thus we're constantly exploring the opportunities to offer you new exciting features, together with the improvement of the existing ones. But that's not all! Take a look at what happened last month in the forums:


👉 We've launched a brand new forum functionality - the Events and Webinars module! Explore this thread to learn more🚀


👉 Our Community members have been asked for major feedback in the Dynatrace Community Survey 2022! It helps us a lot to learn what are your insights on forum usage on the daily basis and what should we implement to improve your user experience! 💡


👉 One new subforum has been added to the Dynatrace Community! We've prepared for big launch the User Groups section, starting with the German User Group. It's up to users how they'll shape this section! Stay tuned for the future development of this exciting new forum feature.

👉 We hosted the first Community Ask-Me-Anything session! Thanks to all participants for your questions, comments, and valuable feedback! See you again on July 21!


🔝 June's top contributors


Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 12.58.25.png


We're so glad our Community is full of so many helpful and engaged people! Thank you:

@MichaelT_Lee@echwallah@pahofmann@AntonioSousa@Chris_Bar@waikeat_chan, and @ct_27!

Shout out to those users whose names we see on this list for the first time!


👏  Special congratulations


We love to observe the Dynatrace Community in search of extraordinary examples of engagement, interesting conversations, inspiring hints, and other things that deserve attention. Thus, we're showing you the most interesting examples of actions that truly deserve a highlight! 


🌟 @henk_stobbe & @Yosi_Neuman for an excellent, sophisticated conversation that spontaneously happened in this thread👔🥃


🌟 @Nick-Montana for providing fantastically displayed content in the Q&A forum's thread - and yet it's not provided with any answer!


🌟 @swin12 for delivering rapid feedback for this alerting thread!


🌟 @mgome for helping to clarify a thread that appeared to be hard to solve!


🌟 @y_buccellato@Abhishek1, and @Chris_Bar for submitting popular product ideas last month: this one, that one, and this!


🌟 @Babar_Qayyum for always providing quality help for newcomers!


🌟 @VenkataSainath for joining the latest Forum Hero Challenge - can't wait to see you back in this section!




🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've read the latest interviews with extraordinarily engaged Community members and our irreplaceable Dynatracers! Meet them better either from a professional or after-hours perspective! 😎







🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!








:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!



🔥 The hottest discussions


Take a look at June's most engaging discussions we've spotted throughout Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. Take the Forum Hero Challenge 53
2. Feedback channel for the new opt-in host overview page 31
3. 2022 Jun 13 - Introductory meeting + Dashboards (...) 24 
4. Take the Commuter Challenge! ‌‌ 18 
5. Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin 10
6. Data explorer + dashboarding feedback lounge 10 
7. Custom events for alerting from OpenTelemetry 9
8. restrict access to process group using IAM
9. Create custom event for alerting - SolarWinds Status
10. TLS 1.3 support Dynatrace SaaS



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. RFE - I want to change the color of the graph created by USQL 55 New
2. Log Monitoring - Global Exclude/Include Rule 45 New
3. Import geographic regions from CSV file option was replaced with the Config... 18 New
4. RUM resource size capture available as timeseries metric 18 New
5. Add a feature to confiture time out of slow load alert on Browser synthetic... 16 New
6. Export to CSV option throughout the UI 16 Under review
7. Management Zone Selection Enhancements 15 New​​​​​​​
8. RUM JavaScript injection for Websphere Liberty on z/os 14 New​​​​​​​
9. RFE: Ability to create custom events alerts with 2 conditions 9 Under review
10. Kubernetes entity tagging and linkage 9 New​​​​​​​



👑 The June challenge overview


In June, we decided to break the routine and put the Community Challenge directly on the Dynatrace Community ground. We've asked our forum users to help us with the major cleanup, looking for any thread without an answer and providing it to them. The scale of help is fantastic - just take a look at the numbers from the latest June's "Forum Hero Challenge"!


The "Forum Hero" challenge badgeThe "Forum Hero" challenge badge

🌟 16 answers submitted so far

🌟 27 answers for the lonely threads already found

🌟 Help from Dynatracers and Community employees

🌟 Some found one thread, and some found a couple of them!



You can still participate! Submit your answer now and helps us spotting unanswered threads!




🔥 Threads you need to read!


Take a look at the forum threads that may deserve your attention. Maybe some of them cover aspects you were wondering about, maybe mention errors you've faced as well, and maybe some will make you "eureka"? Explore the list below for this month!


What interesting stuff you should read?


👉 Defining an SLO for KeyRequest response time


👉 RemotePlugin Python 3.8 included Runtime limitation


👉 Introducing cgroups v2 support


👉 Reasons for failed requests - Plot over time?


👉 How can I begin with Log Monitoring in Dynatrace?


👉 Filtering by Request Attribute Values in Data Explorer 


👉 File Check Extension for AIX 


What latest feedback channels deserve your attention?


👉 Feedback channel for OS Services feature


👉 Feedback channel for the Database monitoring extensions 


👉 Feedback channel for the new generic container page 


👉 Feedback channel for new Log Storage Configuration & Filtering and Sensitive Data Masking 




🕘 What's coming soon?


Last month brought to the Dynatrace Community really vital changes and updates throughout our forum. Despite the holiday period which has kicked off in July for good, we're not slowing down with some interesting things you should watch for - stay tuned! 👀


👉 Interesting meetings to watch - JULY 13 and JULY 27, 2022


Take a look at the exciting meetings that are going to take place later this month. "The State of SRE 2022" will be hosted by one of our DynaMights, @dannemca and surely should catch your attention. Just like the second one, "10 things you didn’t know about cloud migration and adoption"!


👉 New exciting Community Challenge - JULY 14, 2022

After the latest very successful "Forum Hero Challenge", we're planning another exciting engagement program for our forum users. This time we'll come back to the more after-hours mode, asking you for something you'll be truly really eager to share with us... Stay tuned! 😎


👉 New AMA session with the Community team - JULY 21, 2022

Following the latest meeting we've organized for the first time through the new Events Module, you'll be able to join the new "ask me anything" session with our team. Explore this page to tell everyone that you're going to attend and learn the details of this meeting!


👉 A German user group


We've faced a small delay unrelated to our powers in terms of the "German user group" launch, but it already has its shape and demands only one small review to be implemented. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for the big reveal!

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