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Community Team
Community Team

Nice to meet with you again! 🖐


As it always is, a new month means a bunch of news for the Dynatrace Community, as well as announcements and insights collected in our newsletter! Entering November in a team bigger than ever, we're proud to share with you the great things that happened last month. You know what am I thinking about? 😎



The DynaMights program is here!

One of our biggest ventures of the latest time has finally transformed from sketches, roadmaps, and drawings into the final product you can see, participate in, feel the benefits of, and almost touch :amaze: Highly anticipated Super User program dubbed the DynaMights has been launched in the second half of October, proving how strongly we value the Community's most engaged users!


Currently, the DynaMights program counts 20 users from all around the globe, gathering together people from different companies, time zones, and generally diversified in many ways, but sharing one key trait: passion and devotion to the Dynatrace Community! :dynatrace: We've already introduced you to the key aspects of this program, but we're pleased to remind you the key characteristics. Take a look what distinguish DynaMights! So, are you going to be the next one to join? :dynaspin:






Dynatrace Community highlights

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 15.46.29.png


What's more, we've introduced some significant and useful improvements:


👉 Check a new template for submitting product ideas

👉 Want to find the topic you've liked long time ago? Just go to the profile page and click the User Kudos link under the number of Kudos received.

👉 The new navigation bar, including a search box, it out there for all self-service resources. Take a look!


Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 08.42.23.png


🔝 October's top contributors

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 10.01.37.png

We're happy to be a part of such an engaged Community! Special thanks this month go to: @henk_stobbe@ChadTurner@Julius_Loman@larry_roberts@AntonioSousa@RodrigoBiaggio and @AgniLanka!


🏆 Members of the month


Meet our irreplaceable Community members from the professional and... more after-hours perspective! 🌴



🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!




:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview! 


🔥 The hottest discussions

Take a look at the last month's most engaging threads in the Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. Take the Trendsetter challenge! 14
2. How often a dashboard is used? 10
3. Separate Listeners process group 8
4. Dynatrace Managed installation failed with error (...)  7
5. Load balanced cluster activegates for mobile RUM 7
6. Monitoring of Dynatrace Managed Clusters 6
7. Configure SLO on specific key request, instead of that service as-a-whole 6
8. Support for .csv when extracting Problems via api/v2 6
9. Istio/Envoy Tracing with B3 (zipkin) headers 6
10. HA for private Synthetic location 6


💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. RFE - Separating Alert Profile in Dynatrace Mobile Apps 26 new
2. Instrument AWS ECS on Fargate, using CloudFormation template 25 new
3. RFE - Support for .NET CLR Instrumentation Engine 16 new
4. Kubernetes: Being able to monitor the Disk Usage within Pods 16 new
5. RFE - Metric transformation to return 0 when count on aggregated data in a timeframe with no result 13 new
6. RFE: Adding service filter to metrics similar to old custom charts 12 new
7. Adding the Metric: Enqueue/Dequeue Rate: Number of messages in queue that were PUT or RETRIEVEDin the IBM MQ Plug-In 12 new


🧦 The October challenge overview


Sticking to our monthly tradition, in October we've organized another Community Challenge. This time it covered a fashion subject, asking our members to share how unusual type of socks they wear to bring a bit of colors to their everyday lives. Here's the summary of the "Trendsetter Challenge"!


💡 6 answers submitted overall

💡 7 various socks pictures

💡 22 different colors on all presented socks together

💡 6 different patterns


Curious about details? Make sure you've taken a look on every picture shared in the challenge thread!


🕘 What's coming soon?


No doubts, the recent month's introduction of the DynaMights program was a real milestone for us, but we're not slowing down! 🚀 Take a look at the main goals we've assigned for this month. As always, we had put a constant improvement of your experience with the Dynatrace Community as a top priority 🔝


👉 Product idea reviews

We strongly value your contribution and engagement that adds up to the innovation happening in the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum. We're aware how much attention every brainchild requires, especially when trying to analyze all of them with a deserved engagement. This month we want to improve the rate of ideas with statuses assigned!


👉 Mobile view improvements

Bugs can appear all of a sudden, especially in the least expected moments and parts of the layouts we're using. We know how annoying this type of issues can be, and we constantly seek for any UI aspects that don't work properly. This month we want to eliminate bugs occurring on mobile devices!


👉 UI improvements


Good UI requires constant improvements to give our users the best experience with the Dynatrace Community forums. That's why we're planning to elevate the Follow options on individual questions and ideas and do other minor but valuable changes to the site to make your navigation smooth and satisfying.


👉 Label cleanup


​​​​​​​Labels in the Dynatrace Community help both already active users and those who have just joined the board. Thanks to them, you can easily find a subject that matters and browse similar threads in one place. But there's one rule: labels need universal names. With even one different letter, they loose the connection with other similar subjects. That's why we'll do a major label cleanup in November.


We wish you an incredible month, stay warm and healthy!

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