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Community Team
Community Team

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We’re extremely proud and excited that new Community members have joined DynaMights - a Dynatrace Community recognition program. 🏆

We appreciate the activity of all Community members 💜 as we’re committed to constant improvement through your feedback, but to give a special shout to those most engaged we reward them by inviting them to the super user program. DynaMights are Community members who have been with us for years, writing hundreds of posts, sharing knowledge, building relationships, and simply helping each other get the most out of Dynatrace. 

From today, we have a set of amazing 2️⃣7️⃣ DynaMights from all over the world. 

Please, join us in welcoming new DynaMights 🥳🎉
@Bert_VanderHeyd , @gilgi , @DanielS , @sean_mcconville , @dannemca , @Malaik , @Kenny_Gillette 
and saying "Thank you" :thankyou: to the current group of DynaMights for the help that their provide: 

Check out our Hall of Fame to meet the whole group of super users and to get to know them better! 
dynamights 2.0 - global.jpg

Beyond recognition, DynaMights have special benefits that reward their contribution and help support Community members in the best way. One of the new things is a preview program - exclusive, dedicated meetings of the new features led by Product Managers or other employees from Dynatrace. :dynatrace:
dynamights 2.0 benefits.jpg

Would you like to become one of the DynaMights too?
Write valuable posts, interesting product ideas, tip articles for others, or answer questions of other members in the forum. Just by doing this, you can be sure that we‘ll notice you and you’ll become a strong candidate for the next iteration of the program. 

To read more about DynaMights :dynamight: and learn the detailed rules related to joining the program, visit the “About the DynaMights” page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. Of course, the rest of the Community team is also always there for you. 😊


Agata and the Community Team