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Community Team
Community Team

We're eager for you to learn more about our Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for December 2021, Vishruth Harithsa (@theharithsa).

Vishruth is a great example of how by helping others we can grow in the best way. His passion in life is to be able to help people. Especially learners who want to learn technology and help them to decrypt the secrets of life which makes them create the life that they want.

I had a chance to meet with our ACE Architect working from India and discuss not only Dynatrace but a range of topics including the progress and future of technology, space, a customer-first approach, and yellow, energetic creature 😉.


If you would like to read the article with Vishruth from December 2021 and leave some Kudos 👍 and comments feel free to visit the page Announcing the Employee Member of the Month for December 2021!