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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community!

With each day, our forum grows bigger. New content is posted, new members come and choose to stay, and new DynaMights join the ranks. The Community team does not like to be excluded; therefore, we grow too! 

Please join me in welcoming @IzabelaRokita, our new Community Specialist 👏

You may have already spotted her here and there, but be prepared to see more of her on our forum in the future. Iza will help us with day-to-day Community team's activities, but will also make sure our decisions are as data-driven as ever 📈


And, following our tradition, learn more about Iza from herself 😉


Iza at Gdańsk Old TownIza at Gdańsk Old Town


Hi everyone!  

My name is Izabela (Iza for short), and I am super excited to join the Dynatrace Community Team and contribute to the fantastic atmosphere you have already created here!    

Recently, I have decided to make some changes in my life, so lured by nature, the sea, and endless bike paths, I moved from Cracow to Gdańsk. Additionally, I have adjusted my career path, switching from digital marketing and content creation to a more analytical focus. It was more of an evolution than a revolution for me, as I always loved translating data into valuable business insights. Diving deeper into topics such as Data Visualization, Data Engineering, and Exploratory Data Analysis, I feel like I found my destiny!  

Privately, I am a bit of a geek, enjoying playing games on my Xbox a lot (with “Life is Strange” and “Dragon Age” series being my favorites!), reading fiction, taking long walks among nature while listening to my favorite podcasts. I also like traveling, preferably to places where it is cold, so I enjoy visiting Scandinavia a lot.  


Not Scandinavia, but close enough!Not Scandinavia, but close enough!


I hope I will bring on board my talent to draw the right conclusions based on data and the ability to explain even the most complex matters easily and understandably. I cannot wait to meet you all better and develop this community together!  



We're happy to have you with us, Iza! Welcome aboard 🤗