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ActiveGate not working on AKS cluster


When i deploy the dynatrace operator on my aks cluster following the instructions given to me here:aureliano_buend_0-1693255725292.png

the deployment its succesfull


but when i go to my infraestructure obsevability tab on dynatrace to watch logs of my applications there is none, i have configured my logs monitoring like so:


the logs of the activegate agent on my aks cluster are the following:


would love any help.




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @aureliano_buend,

Do you see the dicovered log files at your processes from AKS?


If yes you should use this to define by rules which logs would you like to analyse in the LOG viewer:


I hope it helps.

Best regards,


Dynatrace Community RockStar 2024, Certified Dynatrace Professional

Hey, thank you for your reply

i don't see any discovery logs from my kubernetes, but maybe i'm looking at the wrong place


also after a few tries of removing and redeploying the agent i notice that dynatrace its able to get logs for a few minutes and then crashes, after searching in the logs of the pod of activegate i found the following message, i don't know if has something to do with the problem:



[DalWatchClientAdapter] Watching for changes (/api/v1/events) timed out. Will reconnect with resourceVersion='203570': Read timed out [Suppressing further messages for 30 minutes

Stream closed EOF for dynatrace/activegate-0 (certificate-loader)



still i think i'm looking at the wrong place as i understand it, oneagent was the one in charge of getting the logs.

Looking at the logs in the oneagent pod everything seems normal to me.


logs of the operator:



everything in the webhook pod seems ok also.

I think i'm even more lost now than at the start, was thinking of using maybe an otel operator or fluentd to get the logs of the pods and sending them to dynatrace, is this supported? 



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