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CA and OneAgentOperator in kubernetes


I have a question about OneAgent Operator. In my company we have CA(in dockerfile), when we build the container, CA deploy with the container. The OneAgent Operator works totally different. Can it work both technologies? CA injected in the microservice and Operator works in the cluster and de nodes.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It is highly not recommended to use dynatrace with other monitoring solutions. Even if it will work it may produce ovehead for microservices. You can always not use an operator but application only monitoring and pick some of containers that will have attached Oneagent on runtime, some of them can be still in CA if you want to compare results. But keeping working them both itn’t good idea.


Regards, Sebastian

do you have any documentation about this? What is the impact? I know Dynatrace works deep monitoring in a docker container but CA IBM building the agent inside the container(dockerfile) and the deploy is totally different, while dynatrace works as operator, CA is monitoring when container deployment. Maybe the impact be in code execution for example

You can deploy dynatrace in the same way, but deployment model doesn't change the final result. Both technologies are injected inside container and collecting transactions and metrics. There are no documentation for this because it is not supported by CA and Dynatrace as well. As I said, it may work, but you will never now what impact you can have and what can go wrong.


Regards, Sebastian

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