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Can we restrict Dynatrace operator from updating OA to the latest version by OA Host Group setting?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi guys,

Customer got few k8s clusters on their environment, some of them Prod other PreProd.

They would like to upgrade OA to the latest version only on PreProd clusters and after few weeks to upgrade also the Prod to the latest version the same way they are doing that for "regular" OA, from the Host Group OA updates settings.


AFAIK its not gonna work and they need to set the image version from the dynakube.yaml to specific version for those Prod clusters ...... but just to be sure, can any one confirm if I'm right or not here? 

Thanks in advance


dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel

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