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Dynatrace support for spring and Spark in Docker container?


Hello everyone, my question is regarding Dyntrace support, I already know that spark and Spring are supported. Its Dynatrace able to support this inside a Docker containers?, If there any additional configuration we have to do in order to probe it? Somebody have a costumer that has done it already.

Thanks everyone


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Mauricio G.,

In this documentation page, you have instructions, how to deploy Dynatrace OneAgent as a Docker container:
Deploy Dynatrace OneAgent as a Docker container

You can read in there, that "running OneAgent as a Docker container gives you full-stack visibility into your complete containerized environment. This includes deep monitoring of supported applications, services, and databases."

And in the supported applications, services and databases page:
Applications, services, and databases
you can find Spring WebFlux, Spring WebFlux WebClient and Spring Web Services.

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