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Missing service information in the sockshop demo application


Hi community,


it is always great to have an application for demo purpose. Dynatrace is using a part of the Sockshop for theire performance clinic videos and this application is indeed pretty good for showing some important advantages from Dynatrace against competitors:


- monitoring container (docker compose or kubernetes)

- different technologies like Java, Go, Node.js


So I deployed the Sockshop like described here on a Compute Instance in the Google Cloud. The OneAgent is deployed successfully and I do have the information from the host and processes. I also have information about the RabbitMQ and the Java Queue Master but everything else is just visible on the process level, not service level. I also restarted the containers multiple times just to make sure they will be instrumented.

Of course I clicked manually through the Sockshop using the browser and I used the loadtest to generate some traffic as described here:

Any ideas why I’m missing that information? By the way there are also no logs for the processes in the /opt/dynatrace/logs/java. But there are logs for e.g. the Queue Master.

I’m sure here is someone who already used the Sockshop on his own and can help me out.


Thank you in advance.


Downloading the support archive directly from the processes gave me this peace of information:
I can't find a solution for this. MUSL based containers in a Linux environment are supported by Dynatrace so I'm not sure what to do.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You still have this problem or you solve it somehow?


Regards, Sebastian

Still the same issue

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello, I have the same issue. Did you fix this issue? Regards JLL 

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