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Monitoring Pivotal Cloud Cache


I'm trying to monitor a spring boot application deployed on pcf which interacts with pivotal cloud cache. I dint see any information on the usage of PCC. PCC Service is bound to the application and I can read/write data onto it. Is there anything specific to be done on Dynatrace to monitor PCC? (like the memory usage read/write requests) I tried this both on App Only Monitoring and through Bosh Add on Full Stack Monitoring but I could not find anything on PCC.


Any help on monitoring PCC through dynatrace will be appreciated. Thanks.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You can always try agentless monitoring if the Oneagent is not able to be installed on the host:

If the Oneagent can be installed and the process/service is not being detected, you can also always manually add that process/service:


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