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Monitoring Python in AWS Firegate with Alpine


Hello, I want to add monitoring for Python applications in AWS Firegate with Alpine, what is the procedure? I don't understand if I should create the image of my application and install the SDK for Python in it, and within my application invoke the Dynatrace libraries If this is the case, what is the procedure?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @juanrergis 

The following procedure should help you:

  1. Create a Custom Docker Image:

    • Start with an Alpine base image.
    • Install the Python environment and any dependencies your application requires.
    • Install the Dynatrace OneAgent SDK for Python. This SDK is used to instrument your Python application for Dynatrace monitoring.
  2. Instrument Your Application:

    • In your Python application, you'll need to import and use the Dynatrace SDK. This typically involves initializing the SDK at the start of your application and then using the SDK's functions to send custom metrics or traces to Dynatrace.
    • Follow the Dynatrace documentation for specific instructions on how to instrument your Python code. This documentation will provide details on how to start the SDK, create custom metrics, and trace transactions.
  3. Configure the OneAgent:

    • When deploying your application on AWS Fargate, you'll need to ensure that the OneAgent can communicate with the Dynatrace cluster. This might involve configuring networking or firewall rules.
    • Set environment variables or configuration files as needed for the OneAgent to properly monitor your application and report data back to Dynatrace.
  4. Build and Push Your Docker Image:

    • Once your application is instrumented, and the OneAgent is configured, build your Docker image.
    • Push this image to a container registry (like Amazon ECR) that your AWS Fargate service can access.
  5. Deploy on AWS Fargate:

    • Create a new task definition in AWS Fargate that uses your custom Docker image.
    • Launch your service or task using this task definition.
  6. Verify and Monitor:

    • After your application is running in AWS Fargate, check the Dynatrace UI to ensure that your application is being monitored. You should see metrics, traces, and other data from your Python application.
    • Adjust your instrumentation or OneAgent configuration as needed based on the data you see in Dynatrace.

Hope it helps😊


Have a nice day!

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